How To Make A Small Room Look Spacious

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Small Room- There’s a whole lot of solutions for those fiddling with a small spaced room. Here’s what you can try without spending a hefty amount.

  • Use light colors on the wall

Walls painted in light hues gives a sense of space. Light and neutral colors, add space. A dark color will make the room look smaller than it actually is.

  • Use of lines

A short wall can be made to look taller by the use of vertical lines and a narrow wall wider with the use of horizontal lines. The lines trick the eye to believe in the apparent spaciousness.

  • Avoiding bulky furniture and furnishings

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Use lighter looking small furniture rather than large, bulky furniture. Furniture that has its legs seen are apt for the smaller sized room. Also use light and sheer fabrics for drapes. Look to it that their color is same as that of the walls.

  • Choose fabrics wisely

Make sure to choose plain colored fabrics or those with tiny prints. Large prints make objects look bulky and hence the room looks crowded.

  • Let in maximum natural light

    small room large

A well lit room looks spacious. Therefore, adding maximum windows and openings to let in as much sunlight as possible.

  • Borrowing space

Views through glass fixtures help to borrow some space. Suppose a large glass is fixed at an opening it helps to borrow some space from the open area or rather gives such a feel.

  • Bring in the trend of mirrors in your small room

    small room 3

Large mirrors used in a room adds space to a small room. It is both a cheap as well as very useful trick to add space.

  • Opt for adjustable or multi-functional furniture

    small room 4

Choose or buy multipurpose furniture that will suffice instead of using more number of furniture. A couch that folds out to a bed is a very good example of such furniture.

  • Careful while you choose shelves

Built in cupboards or niches or shelves that stretch from floor to ceiling are all supportive in adding space to a room

  • Eliminating the unnecessary pieces

If there’s anything that’s not required in the room or is no more used, is better removed from the room. This clears up the mess in the room.

Making a small room look spacious is an easy chore to do and the above given tips are assured to help you achieve the desired results.


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