Brief Introduction about you?
I am Raghu Raghav Balasaria, founder director of 91healthcap.My Birth Place is Kolkata.I started my career with a small wholesale medicine store in Kolkata, that led me to become a distributor of various multinational companies in West Bengal.
Then in 2005 set upped a Pharmaceutical Company in Baddi in Himachal Pradesh.

What Is Your Educational Qualification?
I did my from Kolkatta University.

How Come You Thought of Coming Into Health Industry After Doing B.Com? 
My family is into health business . My father started this business in 1965.So basically I was in a family of doctors. So I decided to choose this Profession.
How was your journey as startup till now?
There are two phases of my journey. One is interesting and at the same time there was difficult phase also but the interest part keeps us alive to move forward.

Being a successful pharmaceutical entrepreneur, how you plan and implement your work strategies?
Approximately 2 years back when I went to Bombay for some pharmaceutical business trip, then I had some problem there with the water and suffered food poisoning. Even then, my co workers, employees managed my company so well. My major work is to plan and take decisions rest all is managed by my employees.

What is the USP of 91healthcap?
The USP of 91 Health cap is that a customer he is getting the benefit from all the aspect of health, whether it is doctor, whether it is a testing lab or a medicine. It is specially made for old people who gets troubled running here and there for the services.
How do you rate the pharmaceutical business in today’s scenario?
As per the today’s scenario the pharmaceutical business is growing very fast. As per (mekinzi) today’s pharmaceutical market in India is of more than 1 lakh crore and while in 2020 we are looking at the market of approximately 3 lakh crore.

How you thought of setting up such a unique business?
It is not unique it is if you say you are just tried of the contemporary business using the technology. It is nothing new in the entire pharmaceutical industry. It was totally unsystematic as 90% of the chemist don’t even have the computer. So, we thought why not to start this in the health care system with the use of technology.

What message would you like to give to the today’s entrepreneurs?
Work hard. Don’t think for the results and think in the right direction.

Does your family support you in your startup in this period of time?
Yes, my family is always with me. Whether my wife and my children are not taken for vacation, I am not been able to go out or spent time with them but they are supporting me in this tough period.

According to you what is the right age for starting up as an entrepreneur?
According to me I don’t think so there is any age to start. Whenever you feel good you think you should do a start.

You have developed a software for doctors, tell us more about that?
Even the doctor were working in an unsystematic manner, without the use of technology. If some doctors were using the technology they had to pay a huge amount for the software and hey didn’t had any record of the patient neither patient had any on paper record. So we thought why not to build up the system that even the doctors will have the patient records and the patient would also be updated with all the records. A doctor can even see how many patients he attended and how many are still waiting and all such details.

What is your ultimate vision with 91healthcap? Where do you see it?
The ultimate vision is present everywhere and mobile now a days is the friend of a man who spend more time with his mobile than his family. So, the purchase and every system has been changed now it is not only a mobile it has become a SELLPHONE and a PURCHASE PHONE. So why health should suffer so we thought the health should be on the priority among all the commodities.

Tell us more about your journey you started up with 91healthcap.What Changes you felt from the first day till now in the working and the Ideas.
When you start something you know what problems would be there. When we start something we always think positive and you start, but when the problems come the solution also comes along with it. So as the problems coming we were looking at the solutions also and moving ahead.

When you told your wife that you want to start with a new business what was her reaction with it?
She said ok She had a trust on me she said whatever will be there she would always be there as a supportive wife. So she said whatever you think good for the family you do.

What is your schedule every day?
Get up early in the morning around about 5 o’clock. Start surfing on net. Leave for office at 9 o’clock. Come back by 9 or 9:30. Spend some time with the children and back to sleep.
You a person from IT background or have massive knowledge about software. How do you manage all these stuffs?

Having knowledge about IT or such stuff is not what is important. There are so many other things you need to know about what is happening around and you just have to make space for your subject in it. Like say, I know healthcare very important and also know what technology is on a hype these days, so I just adjusted healthcare into IT. I have not done anything new. IT and technology was already there.

What is your customer database per month? And how big is your team?
At this moment, we do not have a big team. Each month we have been catering to about 3000 to 4000 customers and the entire user database we have until now sums to more than 11000 which is entirely from Chandigarh.

Anything you would like to say to the readers or any message for the youth?
I just have to say health always comes first and then move ahead.


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