Manushi Chhillar Isn’t Just The Only One From Her School To Get Famous!

Experience Shared By Charvi Kalra.


Koyal Rana-Miss India 2014

She was always a very introverted girl and had been winning pageants since class 9. She was 4 years senior to me and was the batchmate of Nitibha Kaul who has been mentioned next. She is a really sweet senior.

Nitibha Kaul- Bigg Boss contestant, year-2016

She too participated in Femina Miss India but didn’t make it up to the finals. She was really good at academics, debating and overall was a very confident personality. She was 4 years senior to me.

Manushi Chhilar-Miss India 2017

My batchmate and currently gearing up for Miss World Contest to be held at China this year. A very confident girl and an extremely charismatic personality!

Deboleena Dutta

2 years my senior, she had topped the school in class 12 overall and in Humanities stream as well. A very confident and bold personality. She was a really good orator and very down to earth!

Vasuda Sharma

You all must remember that song, Chandu ke Chacha ne by the band Aasma. She was a member of the band and later the members took their own way to pursue their independent music careers. She once came to school when we were in class 9 and I remember she had sung a Janice Jopling song.

She has a really melodious voice !

Shivangi Negi

2 years junior to me. This girl is known for winning pageants singe an early age. She has featured in some famous ads as well. She was recently crowned as Miss North India 2017. An extremely gifted dancer, I wish her well for her promising future!

Samica Mehta

Gifted would be a small word for this petite girl! Her dance can make anyone’s jaw drop and it is so enchanting that you have to see some of her videos to actually experience that. She is currently studying Dance in UK and has even authored a book ‘I Hope It Finds You’ and that too just at the age of 19!

She was in the same batch as me and we used to have our Psychology class together.( I didn’t have Maths and she was from the Humanities section ) I still remember the day when our beloved teacher was asking us about our aspirations and she was to just study dance.

Alma mater so dear and old, whose motto we do uphold!

Light to Lighten.


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