This MBA student risked his life to bust kidney racket in Delhi, Batra Hospital!


A MBA student risked his life safety and played along with the illegal kidney donation agents. The reason was to expose a well-organized racket operating in Delhi. The racket was busted when Delhi Police conducted multiple raids at the city’s Batra Hospital.

Four alleged middlemen were arrested in raids at other places and sent to six days police custody. The Joint Commissioner of Police said that the arrests were a result of 40 days of trailing the racketeers.

Nevertheless, the guy who helped to bust the racket is Jaideep Sharma, an MBA student at Pune’s Symbiosis Institute. His quest for the racketeers began last September when one of his friends suddenly went missing. Since, when his friend had spoken of selling his kidney at a handsome price, Jaideep Sharma felt that his disappearance is something to do with the rackets.

Therefore, he made a conscious effort to contact the kidney racketeers and offer himself as a donor. However, the racketeers fell into the trap and offered him Rs 4 lakh for donating his kidney.

The investigations have suggested that certain things will not have been possible without the help of some hospital insiders. We called some doctors and assistance for questioning.

Meanwhile, Sharma contacted a reporter from News 24 channel. He got prepared to perform the sting operations, the news team informed the crime branch and sought the backup.

Therefore, Sharma played along with the racketeers for several weeks to gather evidence. The racketeers made Sharma assume the identity of an Andhra Pradesh man. He arranged fake documents and worked on his looks.

As per the regulations of the law, only close members of the family allows to donate the kidney. Sharma’s kidney is a native of Andhra Pradesh.

Just an hour before Sharma was to be operated upon, the police rescued him from the hospital as well as from the operation theater. With the help of News 24 channel team, a total of 200 hours of video recordings was done to nail the culprits in the court. When investigated, the racketeers used to charge Rs 30-40 lakh from each kidney recipient. So far, the middlemen are arrested.

When contacted to the Batra Hospital about the racket involvement, they denied saying this hospital conducts all rental transplants are vetted by a committee. However, all documents have been verified and the guidelines were followed. There is no involvement of hospital in any wrong doings. The hospital will fully support the Police and will help in finding out the culprit.


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