Medical Advances that Are Giving Us Hope in 2017 and Beyond


Right from cancer to arthritis to migraines, researchers has made some exciting advances in early diagnosis and treatment.

  • The electrical Stimulus that reduces arthritis pain09-the-10-most-influential-medical-advances-2016-380x254

Clinical traits delivering electric current to the vagus nerve- which runs from the brain stem to abdomen has demonstrated that stimulating the vagus nerve has significantly improved brain and swelling patients with Rheumatoid disease.

These results support our ongoing development of bioelectronic medicines designed to improve the lives of people suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases that is rheumatoid diseases. However, also provides new healthcare treatments and potentially safer treatment alternatives at a much lower total cost for the healthcare system.

  • The lightening that lighten the pain of Migraine08-the-10-most-influential-medical-advances-2016-380x254

For Migraine sufferers, green light is used. It is proved in Harvard University that low-intensity green light reduces migraine pain. Blue, white, red and amber lights increase the Migraine pain.



  • The non-massive to help the partial blind04-the-10-most-influential-medical-advances-2016-380x254

Until now, the vision loss due to glaucoma or optic nerve damage has generally been considered irreversible. But, the clinical trait has demonstrated significant vision improvement in blind patients after 10 days of alternating current stimulation (ACS). ACS treatment is the safest and effective ones that partially restore vision after optic damage. There’s is a specialized camera mounted on the eyeglasses that dramatically improve their ability to read.

  • The treatment for breast Cancer


The reports turn out to be astonishing, as the results were quite unexpected. Researchers gave breast cancer patients the combination of two drugs, namely Herceptin (trastuzumab) and Tyverb (lapatinib). After 11 days of the treatment of the drug combo, 17% of women saw that the tumors shrink down drastically.  Even more impressive, tumors completely disappear in more 11% of women. The results were dramatic. Both the drugs will be soon prescribed for the breast cancer treatments.



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