Meet 106-year-old Grandma, Mastanamma; the Top Chef killing YouTube with Her Cooking Videos!


Mastanamma is a 106-year-old Grandma who is having 2.5 lakh followers at present. A resident of Andhra Pradesh Kills YouTube Sensation with her amazing Cooking Videos.

Mastanamma is fiercely an independent woman. Even at her age, she does all household chores of own and refuses help from youngsters.

Her YouTube channel is managed by his great-grandson, K Laxman where videos show that the Grandma is cooking delicious items one after another. She grabbed the eyeballs of the viewers with her delicious and mouth-watering foods.

The World’s Oldest YouTube and runs her own channel named ‘Country Foods’.

Accessing to Internet and YouTube has helped many people to show their talents to the outside world. Respect and name would knock at your doors if you’re doing something good!

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Mastanamma’s YouTube Channel “Country Foods” is about cooking delicious Indian foods in which she has her own recipes. She cooks everything right from delicious egg dosas to fish fry to bamboo chicken biriyani in her videos. However, her specialty is in cooking seafoods and dosas.

“One day in a hungry night, my friends and I prepared some food for ourselves. We then thought of starting a YouTube Channel so that people can watch and learn from the cooking videos. Surprisingly, the first video which was uploaded to YouTube went viral. That boosted our confidence and we decided to run a channel. Thinking about people could learn how to cook in a traditional way with fresh ingredients. She didn’t understand what was happening when we were clicking the videos. But, when she realized; she felt very happy,” said Laxman.

Mastanamma is like typical Grandmother who cooks good food and satisfies everyone. Now, it’s the time to check out some delicious and mouth-watering recipes.

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