Meet Salim, the Legend Who Spared 50 Lives in Amarnath Yatra Assault by Driving Through Blasting Weapons


“Now and again I sense that I must choose between limited options. No decision, however, to wake up in a world that is only a dim place to live in. I need to be a self-assured person and I figure, we as a whole do. However, the minute we attempt, we have confronted with such unspeakable demonstrations of cruelty that it renders us stunned.

Furthermore, that is precisely what the abominable wrongdoing that was seen by 61 dependable yatris has done to us. It has rendered us astounded.”

Primitive psychological militants originated from three sides and started shooting at a transport in Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag locale at around 8:30 PM on Monday. They slaughtered 7 travelers on spot and 20 survived the damage.

The legend who spared more than 50 pioneers from death is the bold driver, Sheik Salim Gafoor. Salim continued driving the transport notwithstanding when the weak men were shooting perpetually, focusing on pure individuals. He drove until the point that he recognized an armed force camp.

“GOD GAVE ME Quality TO Continue MOVING, AND I Simply DID NOT STOP. THE Terminating continued forever, I Continued DRIVING. WE WERE DRIVING AT 70-80 SPEED WHEN Terminating All of a sudden Began. I SAID LET’S Continue GOING Until the point that WE SEE THE Armed force

He couldn’t spare 7 enthusiasts who kicked the bucket of weapon shots. Be that as it may, had he terrified or ceased the transport, more lives would have been asserted. The survivors of the assault addressed NDTV and praised his fortitude. One of them said –

“THERE WAS Terminating FROM Every one of the THREE SIDES. OUR DRIVER Figured out how TO TAKE THE Transport A Couple of KM AHEAD. HE Spared US.”

Police trust that this offensive demonstration is the work of LeT fear mongers. The transport shouldn’t be on the expressway after 5 PM in light of security reasons yet it is charged that it got postponed because of a punctured tire.

Salim is each survivor’s legend. Confidence and humankind are all we have to spare the world. Religion is no parameter to judge somebody’s character or aims. Yatris of the transport are appreciative to Salim for being a lion-heart in such seasons of pain and not freezing.

Much obliged to you, Salim. This is a direct result of individuals like you that we see light in such dreadful circumstances.


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