Meet Shawna Pandey, the 3rd Indian to Visit Space


Dr. Shawna Pandey, a neuro-surgeon from Mumbai, works as a physician at Canada‘s Albert University. The 32-year old lady is gearing up for ‘out of the world’ experience.

Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams inspired the whole two countries when they flew to space. No doubt, that the whole issue was down by saying that they were no more Indians and blah blah. But, the point always remained clear that these women worked hard and made their dreams to come true!

Shawna Pandey, the third Indian-origin woman to visit space after Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams. She was qualified to fly for NASA for Space Missions and she is one of the two candidates selected from 3200 brilliant people to fly to space.CkOqh4CVEAAVyLP

Shawna will take part in the Citizen Science Astronaut (CSA) training program and will fly with another eight astronauts slated to take off in 2018.

According to Hindustan Times, she is a part of a project called, Polar Suborbital Science in the Upper Mesosphere (PoSSUM) that will study the effects of Climate Change. The lady will work in Health, Environmental, and Physiological Observations in Microgravity.

“Make your passion and dreams as your first priority , then nothing can be as wonderful to think about how much you can achieve. All you need is to get acquainted with everyday developments in Science and always try to achieve bigger.”

The ‘Doctor Cosmonaut’ completed her Masters in Space Studies in International Space University and worked both at European Astronaut Centre and NASA’s Johnson Space Centre. She even wore spacesuits, rode on aerobatic flights and experienced changing of gravity environments during her training.shawna

She is extremely talented and hardworking. Besides a neuro-surgeon and International Taekwon-Do champion, she is also an Opera Singer, Author and also has learned Muay Thai from a Navy SEAL!Untitled-design-1-1

The lady is currently present in Mumbai and providing inspirational and motivational lectures all over the hospitals and colleges. A motivational speaker who speaks about innovation, technology, and social development.

Ghosh! She is just 32 years old. How does she do?




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