These men travelled on bicycle all the way from Mumbai to Bangkok


These men traveled from Mumbai to Bangkok and out of all the vehicles, they picked up a bicycle for traveling. Not only, it’s the most strenuous vehicle; but also, the most tiring one. Even if you imagine to travel 6000 km long on a bicycle, will make your legs feel numb.

But, what motivated Prashant and Vijaya is the tremendous nature of the task. Their family and friends were taken quite aback but, the task put them out of the comfort zones and they drive it anyway.

With the help of the road map, Prashant’s wife Aanchal kept tracing their trip, a cinematography picturing their journey, nutritionist regularly tracking their health and finally, their journey began.

The trip in 20th February 2017 from Gateway of India and ended on 22nd April at Wat Arun in Bangkok.

This is called as 60 days of wonders plan. They completed this plan within 62 days. Still impressive, right?

Exhausting only 170kms per day, they crossed 7 states and 3 countries.

From Maharashtra’s extreme temperature from the day that’s 42 degrees to the chilled temperature that’s 11 degrees in the morning, they endured it all.

However, the Mumbai-Bangkok route wasn’t discovered before, so it was totally a new route for them. This means that they are moving towards the uncharted journey.

They didn’t expect rain and didn’t rain gear, yet reached their destination by lashing throw the Storms.


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