Messages are hidden behind the Logos of these Popular brands!


Every company strives to ensure that its Logo is different from others (not recognizable from others but should convey messages to the customers. Scroll down to see the hidden messages behind the logos of these popular brands.

  • Apple

Rob Janoff, who designed the logo of Apple says,

I bought a bag full of apples, put them in a bowl and draw sketches of them for a week. During my artistic experiments, I took a bite from one of the apples. Later that day, to my surprise I realized that ‘bite’ sounds similar to ‘byte’.


The doesn’t appear like it might be hiding special. However, it’s designed so to help and understand the philosophy behind it. The arrow in yellow color resembles a smile, which moves from ‘a’ to ‘z’ hints the fact that the online store has absolutely everything.

  • BMW

The logo has been portrayed as the movement of an aircraft propeller with its white blades cutting the blue sky. It’s like a Bavarian flag, which is having a checkered pattern of blue and white colors.

  • Mercedes-Benz

The three-pointed star represents the domination in every environment-land, air, and water.

  • FedEx

If you closely look at the logo, there is an arrow in between the spaces of ‘E’ and ‘X’. The arrow symbolizes the speed and accuracy- the two main factors of the company.

  • McDonald’s

Yes, the ‘M’ letter represents McDonald’s. But, the rounded ‘M’ also represents a pair of nourishing breasts. However, McDonald’s was prepared to abandon this logo, but Cheskin; the Psychologist successfully urged the company to maintain this branding.

  • Formula 1

If you closely look at the space between the ‘F’ and the red strips, you will able to see a ‘1’ which is designed to convey the sense of speed.

  • NBC

The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) said that it represents the bright feathered colored peacock’s tail. The logo is meant to show that people who are still watching the Black and White what they’re missing out!

  • Unilever

The company’s logo was designed to include 25 icons in a single plate, each one represents something about the company. For Example, the heart signifies love and care, while the bird symbolizes freedom, liberty from everyday chores and enjoyment of life.

  • Sony Vaio

It integrates the idea of analog and digital technology into one. The letter ‘V’ and ‘A’ represents an analog signal; while the last two, ‘I’ and ‘O’ represents binary from the digital world.

  • Sun Microsystems

The word ‘Sun’ forms the basis of a square which can be read from any direction. The logo was created by Stanford professor, Vaughan Pratt.

  • Baskin Robbins

If you closely look the pink-colored segments of the letter ‘B’ and ‘R’ form the ‘31’. This means that the number of flavors that Baskin Robbins’ icecreams historically comes in.

  • Big Ten

The Big Ten is an academic association founded in 1896. Until 1990, this union consisted of 10 universities. It was joined by Pennsylvania State University in 1990. The association decided not to change the Logo, but only to add ’11’ on its logo. It’s seen in white color with one ‘1’ before ‘T’ and another ‘1’ after it.


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