Microsoft announces public cloud partnership with Flipkart!


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella landed in a big cloud, as he signed up a deal with India’s largest e-commerce marketplace, Flipkart. And, also Flipkart battles out with Google, Amazon, and IBM for cloud supremacy in the country.

Satya Nadella said that Flipkart will be adopting Microsoft Azure as its exclusive public cloud platform in an event in Bengaluru.

“From the last one year, 2,000 startups had started using our cloud, and now we are launching a strategic partnership with Flipkart”, says Nadella.

“I had always admired Flipkart for its work in e-commerce services, and now it’s doing with payments and logistics, combining Microsoft’s cloud platform and Al capabilities with Flipkart’s existing services will add a layer of advanced cloud technologies to the marketplace.”

“With Microsoft’s strong reputation in cloud computing, coupled with scale and reliability, this partnership will allow the online shopping platform more enriching and relevant to the customers”, added Binny Bansal, CEO of Flipkart.

Bansal also revealed, ”Flipkart had crossed 100-million customer milestone, has a 10-year plan ahead.” “We have the plan to keep it for the next ten years in mind; it will scale up to 500-million customers.”

The company also plans to add artificial intelligence, analytics capabilities and machine learning in Microsoft Azure such as Cortana Intelligence Suite and Power BI, to optimize its data for innovative merchandising, marketing, advertising, and customer service.

With the help of Al and platform technology from Microsoft, the number of cutomers increases as well as experiences. Bansal also added things like “better recommendations” should improve.

Binny Bansal also explaines that, we mainly look for customers satisfaction and what they are interested in. Based on that, customers would buy.

Apart from this, Al capabilities, machine learning, and big data are also relevant for business Intelligence.

“How can we enable to make better decisions and what way we can optimize”



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