Do Mobile Phones Actually Cause Cancer?


Mobile phone actually cause cancer or not? So far there has been no genuine proof that do mobile phones cause cancer. Most researches have proven that cell phone radiation does not do any such harm.

Mobile phones actually cause Cancer or not?

Brain cancer, artwork
Brain cancer, artwork

But many might be unaware, that a recent major study results released on Friday morning hint that cell phone radiations can actually cause mutations in cell giving way to tumor growth. But rather than blindly following the lead of Wall Street Journal’s “Cell Phone-cancer link found in Government study”, there’s lots more yet to be evaluated about the concern.

The experiment that changed opinionsmobile phone 1

The result of studies, performed on male rats, is a $25 million budgeted, a multi year experiment performed by the National Toxicology Program (NTP). During the research, mice and rats were exposed to radio-frequencies commonly used by wireless electronics, in doses comparable to a human’s typical exposure. Out of the group, 2-3% contracted tumors of the glial cells in the brain, 6-7% developed schwannoma tumors in their hearts while the rats those were not exposed to the radiation dosage did not develop any tumors. The scientist who has reviewed the research data agree to an indication that the radiations could interact with the living cells with increased tumor responses in heart and brain.

But the results are yet to be submitted to a scientific journal formally and has also not yet been accepted for publications. Only then would experts, outside the study group, get a chance to point out possible errors and exaggerations in the analysis report.

Fact or assumptionmobile phone

Results of various similar experiments and researches have been different. A study following more than 420000 cell phone users over a 20 year period, no evidence of a link between the wireless devices and brain tumors was found while another study found a chance of cell phone radiations to cause cancer of salivary glands. Among them, malignant tumors were in small numbers.

The opinions are different in various groups. The scientists themselves have not been able to give a proper explanation for the cell mutation. But there is an opinion that  the effects may only be visible with a prolonged exposure to the radiations. Perhaps cell phones may need to be used longer for the ill effects to appear. There are questions that if studies conducted on rats are enough to detect the chance of radiations causing tumors in human beings. The other thing to be considered is that the recorded results may be similar to what a random rat group would exhibit. In such a case, the research analysis would prove wrong. The fact is, until now, no proven evidence has been produced to stress the fact that the mobile phone may induce growth of tumors in human.

In an era where the environment is turning into an ‘electromagnetic’ one, should humans be worried about being bathed in such ‘allegedly’ cancer causing radiations?


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