Most Unique Startups


The current era of business is not one of the large corporate monopolies but startups innovating for the better of society. It’s well-known that three out of four startups fail, but there are also those that change the way ordinary people go about their daily lives.


The reasons for their success are always difficult. Entrepreneurs can learn a lot by looking at the businesses that came before. Here are some of the unique startups that have changed the business world drastically.


Stay Uncle


In olden days the room rent for the unmarried couple was ridiculous in India. But, Stay uncle that locates in Delhi provides room in a hotel for an unmarried couple to stay together and can spend some valuable time which is harmless. The room is available according to the needy budget like 3star, 5 star, and 7star hotels. This is fully secure for a couple to stay if they are local ID card holders.  This startup had started by a BITS-Pilani graduate Sanchit Sethi, with a caption “couples need a room not a judgement”.


Edible Spoons


It all began when groundwater researcher and Bakey’s founder Narayana Peesapathy decided to run his finger on a plastic spoon he got for himself along with a meal of idli and sambar and realized that the spoon was still greasy and seemed to be reused. But that wasn’t the only reason why he decided to make edible cutlery. Apart from the lack of cleanliness that poses a threat, plastic cutlery also inherently have a number of poisonous and cancerous chemicals that seep into the food when used. This knowledge compelled Peesapathy to come up with a healthy alternative.




Fuse is promising to make collaboration between designers and developers easier. The company offers a tool, which recently became available to the public, that lets developers build apps similar to the way designers work in Photoshop, Sketch, or After Effects. It provides a “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG)-like editor that’ll work across various platforms. Fuse also offers real-time updating so developers don’t need to constantly output versions of their app to see how it runs — just one version will do for testing.




Taking advantage of the increasing desire that people have to learn new skills in our increasingly DIY economy, Skillshare allows people to post up classes on any subject to be taught offline. Classes to date have ranged from jewellery making to investment. So far classes are only held in 70 U.S. and international cities (having started in New York) but that number will grow hugely by the end of the year. The founder and CEO, Michael Karnjanaprakorn, has co-founded other start-ups previously including All Day Buffet and The Feast.


Happy Cheeks


This company produced a toilet seat cleaner that eliminates bacteria and makes even the most disgusting public toilet a pleasure to be in. This same spray can be used on other appliances, including door handles and baby changing tables.




SendinBlue lets you manage your contacts, create your newsletters, and track your results. The startup is based out of Paris and has raised $2 Million from investors such as Caloga. With over 40 employees, the company was founded in 2014 by Armand Thiberge and Kapil Sharma.



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