With Mouth Taped and Hands Tied, this Dog was Left to Die; but two plumbers rescued it!


Dogs are cute and adorable. Right? A man’s best friend is a dog? So, how can we so cruel and leave them to death?

On one fine day, plumber Carlos Carillo and his colleague saw a gory sight in the ditch. They found a dog whose mouth was taped and hands were tied up with tubing. Some bastards left the pooch back to die and the scenic was really heart-breaking.

Immediately, the plumbers made the dog free. They thought that the dog was there for a day.

After being rescued, the dog was too free and friendly with the plumbers. It seemed like the poor pooch really loved the attention. Immediately, the pooch was moved to the rescue room, where he was provided good health, despite the heartworms. The pooch couldn’t stop wagging his tail.

Just look at the poor puppy. How could someone be so cool and leave this adorable looking puppy.



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