MP farmers Get Genuine Rs 2000 notes From Bank without Mahatma Gandhi Image on Them


Farmers from a remote village were in a shock when they received a few unusual Rs 2000 notes. The notes were having one of the major defects- None of them have Gandhiji image, despite this is the most defining feature.535521-rs-2000-notes-with-gandhi-image-ani-jpg

The incident was reported in Bicchugavdi village, Sheopur district on Tuesday.

The framers received the apparent fake notes from a State Bank of India branch. When approached towards bank officials, they told that the notes were genuine. The bank, however, took the notes back.

The farmers were told that missing of Gandhi’s image was a “printing error”. Banking and police officers say that many such defective, yet genuine notes are circulating in the region.

Krishna Meena, a farmer didn’t even notice the faults in the notes. It was when he went to the market and was alerted by another farmer about who too had the similar notes. Then, they both went to the bank; the bank officials promptly took back the faulty notes.

Sheopur Manager of SBI branch, Akash Shrivastava says, “The notes were not counterfeit, but probably, having some printing error. However, we took back the notes as soon as it was detected”. The above incident took place in Shivpuri Road Branch of SBI.

Sharwanlal Meena elaborated that the desired space meant for the picture is blank. However, we took back the defective notes.

It was later found that the notes were printed at the Note press in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh.

The last incident drew a range of reactions from Twitter users. untitleduntitled1




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