O’Farmers, look towards Ms Jaswinder,
who, being a woman, has come out to solve the problems of her family, as a harbinger.

Born in village Jagat Singh Wala (Muktsar) in a poor farmer family, who lost their three sons and left with no male member.

At the age of just 25, she was left behind to bear all pains along with her old mother,

Harjinder; pledged to work hard and fill the gap of her three brothers.

Having a mere land of five acres, she decided to do farming of her own,
The family sold each agricultural implements and was under bank’s loan.

She had to abandon her studies in lurch.

When the family was facing financial crunch

The village people helped her by providing her the agriculture implements and With firm determination she decided to fight,
she started farming by toiling day and night.

After  some months, the fruit of her labour made her financial position on footing,

She proved herself bona fide & paid back the bank loan by good monitoring.

She became successful farmer without the help of Govt.

and showed the way to coward young/old men to work hard and not to lament.
Now look she dared to meet the challenge of hardships and proved her mettle,
When the youth of Punjab is drowning in drugs and they don’t want to peddle.

She has become a Role Model for others by working with perspiration,
While the coward persons are dying daily in desperation.

She takes herself the jobs of driving tractor, tilling land, making culverts, sowing, irrigating the fields,
She manages to purchase seeds/fertilizers spraying pesticides & selling the yields.

The farming is not an easy job when he/she has to tread and face  the furious snakes,

She/He faces drought, storm, heavy rain & other natural calamities and it is not just walking on a cake.

Actually, such persons are real heroes,

But we are badly mistaken to choose the firmy heroes

They just play the role for few moments on the life of such practical persons in pictures,

And became the source of recreation/entertainment by mixing music and artificial fixtures.
They earn crores of rupees by just copying these real heros role,
While these laborious persons are left to make their own destiny
while playing a crucial role,
She may be declared by the Govt. an Ambassador Farmer
who has practically shown the way to the young and old being a good bread earner.
S.G.P.C. should also came forward to honour this brave girl,
Who has crossed all the hurdles & whirls

‘Kirti’ has inked there few lines in favour of farmers, especially for this miracle woman,
Since, he himself has tasted the odds & evens of farming during his boyhood/youthhood while working with the farmers, who are above all a good human.

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The writer, S.Gurbachan Singh,( G.S.'kirti') is a content writer, who has written so far more than forty five articles/poems on bravery of armed forces, crime against women, on Terrorism, social evils, farmers' suicide and remedies thereof; important personalities like marshal of the air force, s.arjan Singh,the great warrior; Bhagat Puran Singh; baba Banda Singh bahadur; the role of police in maintaining law and order; a short poem on the life of queen of England; decline of morality in social, political and religious spheres of India, today's political scenario of political parties against each other, drugs and so many other poems/articles. He has received a commendation certificate from Chandigarh police,an appreciation from general officer commanding in chief,western command and chief of air staff for his articles on the bravery of armed forces, surgical strike and advice to Pakistan; another appreciation from queen of England for a poem on"terrorism is a blot on the face of humanity. Now he is going to write on the jevic farming and its uses. Latest he has written a poem on "the great republic of India" in which he has stressed on the unity and diversity, which is the dire need of the present, when some people and some political parties have started their tones in dissent.


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