Mumbai manager rings 19-year-old worker to pay, slits her face and neck!


Here is one of the stories on how a Mumbai manager rings 19-year-old worker to pay, slits her face and neck.

The world we live in is getting scarier by each passing day. I’m no critic however not one day passes by when the daily papers are not shrieking features that generally may appear to be incredible. Not only the print even the web-based social networking is loaded with nightmarish records of casualties and survivors.

What’s more, this is quite recently a hint of a greater challenge of abominations that are accounted for and that figure out how to go to the light. Tragically, there is an expansion.


In another stunning episode, a group chief at a Mumbai-based tele-calling firm, distinguished as aniket Gaikwad, cut a 19-year-old young lady’s face after she requested her compensation.

The young lady is presently experiencing treatment at m t Agrawal healing center in Mulund while a body of evidence has been enrolled against the slipping away denounced under IPC areas 307 (endeavor to kill) and 326 (intentionally causing deplorable damage). Reports recommend that the casualty, kajal Shinde, joined the firm with her sister Chitra as a late spring work and the couple was guaranteed a remuneration of Rs 7,000/ – for a month’s work.

The Shinde sisters left the organization back in June yet had not gotten their due pay which is the point of which they caught up with the manager. Yet, things turned revolting when he at long last called them up in the affectation of clearing pending levy.

As indicated by kajal, Gaikwad rang her to meet and after that took her to a confined place before slitting her face and neck


“he requesting that we meet him at dreams shopping center in Bhandup for the compensations. When we achieved the place, he instructed me to accompany him to the shopping center’s best floor alone. I did as inquired.

I was terrified when we achieved; it was quite recently both of us. When I requested the compensations, he took out a blade and sliced my face and neck. In attempting to stop him, I maintained wounds on my fingers, left hand and right elbow. Somehow, I figured out how to push him away and escape from the spot.”

Chitra, Kajal’s sister, who was holding up the first floor got the stun of her life when she saw her in that condition. She included,

“blood was trickling from her dupatta. I didn’t comprehend what to do. When I began yelling for help, a bystander called the police.”

Indeed, even the Father, Bapu Shinde, lost his cool when a cop educated him about the scrape, expressing that the young ladies were requesting their profit.

Clearly, the Shinde sisters weren’t the special case who got conned. He had allegedly solicited a couple of different workers to meet him and take their pay rates as well.


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