Mumbai Plans to Build a building taller than Dubai’s Iconic Burj Khalifa


A structure taller than Dubai’s Iconic Burj Khalifa with Green Boulevard bigger than Mumbai’s Marine Drive will form a western waterfront on the wasteland’s of company’s capital.

Nitin Gadkari, the owner of these grand plans to make it a great project. He is the Union Minister for shipping, road transport, and Highways. He sees the Mumbai Port Trust as the ‘richest landlord’ of the city. The city wants to give a makeover to the Industrial Wasteland.

“We have no plans to give the land to the investors and builders. Only we have the plan to develop the area. We are making big, smart roads, three times bigger than the Marine Drive. The plans are built Historic Landmark bigger than Burj Khalifa. However, the plan is ready; only waiting for the approval from the Cabinet,” Gadkari said.

MbPT which was earlier known as the Bombay Port Trust is one of the largest public land holders in the Mumbai City. The Bombay Port Trust has been operating the port since 1873. It’s one of the top 12 major ports in the country.

What’s more, is planned?

  • There are about 500 hectares that are proposed to be developed with a mix of port operations. Others include business, office, retail, entertainment, commercial, community projects and convention centers, etc.
  • The key feature plan is a 7-km long Marine Drive between Mazagaon Docks and Wadala, that’s much bigger than the existing Marine Drive. However, the proposed projects also include the creation of spaces that involves community recreation and engagement, maritime museums and marinas.
  • Moreover, Mumbai Port has already invited Global Tender for Consulting firms from Master Plans and infrastructure design of the Port. Earlier, the set up had already done a committee under the chairmanship of R Jadhav for preparing a roadmap for the development of Port’s waterfront and land. However, that land has already been submitted to the ministry of shipping.


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