He Had A Smile To Die For #MyStory

#MyStory -I met this cute fellow at Shastri market (Sec 22 market, Chandigarh). He couldn’t really explain what he was selling. His speech wasn’t all that clear. He asked me if I wanted to buy his candies (golis) I said no and rushed to a nearby stall. I turned to look at him. He was still looking at me without turning his body but trying to turn his head to 180 degrees. I couldn’t help but ask my friend to help him out by buying his stuff. We bought more than what we needed.13907070_808829355883408_2127558288367986394_n
He was happy . He asked me to pray for him that he may never see a sorrow in his life and that no one else must. He hugged me and asked me to visit him again . I could see that he was too happy for life when I took this picture with him.
I request you all, if you ever see this handsome man around, be kind to talk to him and buy something. He is nothing short of an angel. His name is Ajay and has a smile to die for.

#MyStory By Pallavi Supehia

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