Narendra Modi’s Demonetization Kills 11 Bank Officials


Demonetization is moving a long way! Narendra Modi’s announcement is taking to long run. People get frustrated & the voices are raised when they heard that will unable to exchange or withdraw cash due to insufficient cash.

Despite the fact that many people are dead by standing long in snacking queues. Additionally, 11 Bank officials are dead out of stress. This stress reached so high that even bankers are paying out of their pockets for the mistakes committed.

Regardless of the situation, both men & women are working vigorously in order to handle the situation in the right way. They have been working continuously 72 hours.

Furthermore, apart from people suffering from various diseases they are on the way for serving the nation.

Despite suffering from lungs infection Mr. Manish Singhal, Assistant bank manager who was on leave, now working for 12 hours. Forgetting about his disease, he keeps on helping the customers by exchanging money.

Bank officials have been continuously working in banks forgetting about their personal issues & problems facing right now.

Anil Saraf, UCO bank manager suffering from blood cancer. He is fighting in two fields: one is in his body against cancer & the other is in bank against currencies.

As authorized by the government, RBI should distribute the currencies in different sectors of India to exchange notes & coins.

In fact, pregnant ladies are facing a huge problem. In either case they need to work day & night, as our PM gave a surprise call.

Eight months pregnant lady, Varsha Tomar is on duty for the last 12 hours. Women at this peculiar age need to stop working & a sufficient amount of bed rest. Instead they are sitting continuously & busy feeding to people.

Marriage is one of important festival in one’s life. In spite of going out for their function, they are on physically present inside the office.



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