Ever Heard Of Newspaper Stationery?



Recycling has many benefits and Vikash Khandelwal seems to know it all. The 40-year old man has used newspapers to recycle them into pencils and the remaining part for other stationery products like files, folders, visiting cards, ID cards which are eco-friendly and cost effective.
Rolling newspapers to make pencils is not an easy task, the challenge which Vikash faced was sticking the newspaper such a way that it can be sharpened like the normal lead pencils.  He wanted to do something unique after completing his degree rather than following his father’s footsteps, which led him to come up with this unique idea.
Currently, he is working on making chemical free glue which won’t do any harm even if children put them in their mouth. His idea took form after his visit to a foreign country two years back where he found that newspaper prints were used to make papers. After many failed attempts he was finally successful after four months when he had his first pencil on his hand.yesterdays-news-color-pencils-3
The cost of these pencils is a few rupees higher than its alternative amounting to Rs 5 per pencil, so some of the states like Tamil Nadu seem to be unprepared for welcoming this idea. Many institutions claimed it to be 100% eco-friendly but using wooden pencil would always be their first choice in comparison to the recycled one.

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Vikash’s first pencil was a gift to his 13-year-old daughter Siya as she considered her to be his first critic. In all of his products, he has a print conveying a message of saving and protecting nature to the users.

With time and awareness, his pencil has been adopted by many. Many institutions and alumni of various colleges have demands of customized pencils with their picture engraved on them to be used as a souvenir. Many parents have ordered them to be given away as return gifts.newspaper eco friendly stationery

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Not only pencils, but also his firm produces the recyclable note, books, CD/DVD holders, envelope folders, and all types of files and folders required by corporates and NGOs.


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