No make-up was allowed on the sets of Begum Jaan


Srjit Mukherji, the national award winning director had made his Bollywood Debut in Begum Jaan; which is the Hindi adaptation of his Bengali film ‘Rajkahani’ is known for being extremely thorough in his research.

While shooting, starring with Vidya Balan; the director wants to show the audience the real and actual characters in the film. And for this, the director had advised all the cast to put on some minimal or extremely less makeup.

However, some of the actresses in the set would cheat and will come up ending with cake faces. Srjit being the task maker would notice it instantly and check all casts look before shooting.

“It became rituals for me from the past days. I was a school teacher who would check the students’ nails and make-ups. I used to sit with wet tissues, wipe it off the extra make-ups. Since the story is set in a different world; I will like to come up with the characters in their real look. Make-up and manicures will completely ruin the film.

Have you missed the trailer of Begum Jaan? Here you go!



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