There is no such thing called ‘Veg Momo’. What you are eating is Just a ‘Dhokha’


Every time, I come across a MOMO cutlet, I think of ‘Veg Momo’. But, we were unaware of what it actually mean!

What it actually means?ch28-3_vegmomos

Momo– Noun

Meaning (In Tibetian cooking) – a steamed dumpling stuffed with meat.

Momos literally means meat dumplings and, what about Veg momos? Is God playing a cruel joke on all of us? There is no such like, Veg Momo. It’s just a way for vegetarians to hijack a perfectly good dish with their bakwas habit of adding vegetables in it. It sounds more like kabab or tikki. Even, a fresh salad will be the perfect name for it.

It’s absolutely fine when we eat cheese momos. No issues for that!8

But, where the Pata Kobi came into the picture? I mean, Cabbage in Momos? Please take out your vegetables and stop selling that so-called Veg Momo. Basically, cabbage turns everything bad.

And, those who are claiming for Soybean-a good ingredient for filling and rather, a healthy option- guys, please step back from the counters. It’s nothing else, rather a garden variety of chicken.41ee2bbb07e22d985e408bbd5b8a82fd

Traditional Momos are meat filled dumplings. Not that, bandha gobhi which turned out a replaceable option for all vegetarians. You bite into the momo and your mouth is filled with huge chunks of cabbage.  It’s like a salad with a covering of Madia.

Veg Momos sucks!









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