Who cares about Open bars? No Donuts! No entry to wedding!



Is some one in the thick of the wedding planning, then there is a never-ending list from my side? Right from decor to invitations, all the way down to the shoes on my feet there is much of the beauty in the wedding.

And, thankfully! Neither of us is too fussy or think over the top, a under budget would perfectly work for a wedding.

We didn’t really understand the true need of a big and expensive wedding cake. Did we? Rather than blowing our enter budget on dessert on the regular scoops of vanilla or chocolate wrapped fondant, why don’t you try some baked received, like cookies, pie or even donuts?

Trust me, donuts would do wonders in your wedding?

What could be better than a big height as that of a wedding cake made with donuts or paper cones filled with sugary donuts?

Just look how beautiful something simple and inexpensive look like. The sugary shaped in the form of a pyramid.

Have you ever imagined that your favorite fritter would look so extravagantly amazing?It’s a guarantee that the shaped sugary donuts served in an wedding in any form will not make you realize that the wedding cake is really missing.

These sugary coated donuts would surely convince you to have a perfect alternative for a wedding cake. How can we forget about the sprinkles topping on the top? Those melting sugary coated edibles are basically glitter for food and everyone knows sprinkles makes everything better.

However, I’m not being hard on couples who want a big and fancy cake either-this donut pyramid wouldn’t make you feel sad. 

And, don’t be surprised if you find yourself coming down with a sudden case of donut fever.


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