Noise Pollution more deadly than Air and Water Pollution


A recent study says that human health is not only affected by air and water pollution, but also noise pollution also plays an important role in deteriorating sound health. Noise has become a major issue in urban cities which never sleep and have seen to increase the risk of heart attacks for heart patients.

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A prominent Dr. Brian Pinto said that it is quite alarming when a person with no cholesterol issues and family pressure dies suddenly with a heart attack. The Noise pollution stimulates the brain to produce hormones which create vasospasm, a sudden narrowing of a blood vessel and decreased blood flow which leads to Atherosclerosis.



In a German study, which inspired Dr. Brian said that maximum exposure to transport noise pollution not only promoted heart disease but also lead to a heart attack which was more prominent for land transport than aircraft noise. Another report says that Noise pollution is the major factor for deaths from heart attacks now.


Studies say that most of the people suffer from insomnia and irritability from the noise pollution. In India, the calculation is at a much higher rate. The case of getting heart attacks is much higher for people who are sensitive to noise. The WHO says that getting exposed to traffic noise resulted in 3% of heart disease patients’ death in Europe every year.


Such studies, when carried out in India between people suffering from heart attacks in noisy cities and people suffering from the same disease but leaving in a calm environment like those of villages, would show that how much noise pollution makes a difference.


Noise pollution not only results in heart diseases but also causes irreversible hearing loss, anxiety attacks, and hypertension. ENT specialists in urban cities say that a 20dB loss in hearing is common and has become normal.


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