Feeling Noisy Knees? May be at risk of osteoarthritis!


Are you hearing grating or popping sounds when your knees bend? You may be at an increased risk of osteoarthritis.

It’s a type of arthritis that occurs when flexible tissues at the end of the bones wear down.

In the US, the Baylor college of medicine analyzed data of 3,500 participants those who are developing the risk of having knee jerks/pains.

However, researchers also found that people who developed osteoarthritis within a year, which is more than 75 percent do, had signs of the disease on radiographic images. But, there will be no frequent knee pain at the start of the study.

“According to the study, those who have noisy knees develop a greater risk of having osteoarthritis within a year as compared to those who don’t have noisy knees.”

“However, there are many people who have osteoarthritis on X-rays but doesn’t really feel the pain. And, there are no known strategies for developing the pain among such group of people.”

Future studies are in the target that the people who have osteoarthritis and don’t complain about the pain but do reports of noisy knees; hold the promise of inventing capsules for the relieve of those knee pains.



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