This Non-IITian Kanpur Boy Is An Inspiration For The Generation


Getting a job through campus placements is easy but making it on your skills is something which proves your mettle. Many students every year graduate from the IITs but some among them are capable of proving themselves.


Vishwas Tripathi, a Kanpur boy,a student of Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, went on to join Google not via campus placements but on his own, by focusing on the basics as well as treading the path less followed.


Tripathi on being asked how he prepared himself to land at Google with a job, he wrote on popular Q&A platform Quora.


The Kanpur boy narrates his success story starting from the point when he got a call for an anti-abuse profile from Google, the interview for which he had missed due to his mid-semester exams.


He then got a call for the post of a software engineer from the same company. He then started researching about the Google interview process and as mentioned, he bought a whiteboard for practice since they demand to explain the answers on the whiteboard.


He explained his preparation process, “Re-read first five chapters of “Cracking The Coding Interview.” This is most important thing I have ever read about interview process. It has helped me crack the interview of Flipkart, DirectI, Codenation, and Google. These chapters are about interview process and how to handle it.”


He then advice saying, “Always read from good sources. Do not read from websites offering codes for standard problems. Understand the algorithm and code it yourself.”


The Kanpur boy insists the young generation in taking part in “CodeChef long contest”.It gives you ample amount of time to learn something new. Most of the algorithms I know are because of this contest. Spend days in understanding, coding and testing them. You will at least learn one new algorithm every month by giving CodeChef long contest.” says Vishwas.


He concludes on a good note saying, “love what you do, and do what you love.”




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