Why Not Try Everything You See On The Internet?


A 16 seconds long video featuring epic fail of Chinese girl trying to curl her hair using a corn on the cob off a drill goes viral on the internet.

The girl who took the challenge of eating corn cob off the drill inspired by a video on the internet fails tragically getting her hair caught and rolled on the drill until finally getting ripped off from her scalp. And the result?? Well it’s definitely not curly hair. The whole trial leaves a quiet noticeable bald spot on the girls head. The whole video turned out to be a warning to everyone trying to imitate things shown on the internet blindly. It basically became a “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME” sign.

The video was shared on twitter on May 7th and since then has received 68,000 shares and 44,000  likes. Another video followed this where the girl meets doctor regarding the same. The bald spot is said to recover but would take a while.internet

See The Video Here

  • The original “inspiration” on Internetinternet 1

The Chinese girl was actually inspired from another viral video on the internet, where a man, Matt Gouldson Jamie Kenyon, is seen to devour a corn cob in just 10 seconds setting a challenge to all his viewers. Many did attempt and succeed. It was this video that lead the Chinese girl to try it out but unfortunately she failed to accomplish it. Not only did she fail in the whole act but also lost a huge chunk of her hair. Poor girl!

The Orginal Video Of Successful Trial

Anyhow, she has set an example as to how one should not to try everything that the internet brings before you. Especially these days, when the internet provides you with abundance of easy tricks and unusual stunts, before you try things, it’s always better to be know recount the risks involved and how safe it is.




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