Boycott Myntra: Did You Notice their ‘Lord Krishna ad’?

People at Myntra must have got the shock of their lives when they saw #BoycottMyntra as one of the top trends on Twitter . The Flipkart-owned e-commerce company is being trolled on social media for hurting the sentiments of religious Hindus who found an ‘offensive’ advertisement with Myntra’s logo in it on the Internet.
The advertisement depicts a scene from Mahabharata where Draupadi, the wife of the five Pandavas is disrobed in an assembly full of men by Dussasana. In order to save herself from the indignation, she prays to Lord Krishna, who in turn makes her saree of an infinite length so that Dussasan is not able to take it off.

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Playing with this idea, the ad shows a scene where Lord Krishna is shown searching for ‘extra long sarees’ on Myntra portal, showing the vast variety of their products. The graphic was designed by Scroll Droll, a digital marketing firm.
A Twitter user is reported to have shared the graphic and sought an explanation from Myntra. It took no time for the tweet to go viral and many people started calling upon Twitter users to boycott the website. Many of these users accused Myntra of disrespecting the Hindu God and playing with the sentiments of Hindus.

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Soon after the controversy stirred, artistic group Scroll Droll claimed responsibility for posting the image and apologised on Twitter for “hurting sentiments”.
Myntra on the other has refuted the charges of publishing such the advertisement saying, “We did not create this artwork nor do we endorse this”.
The advertisement comes two days after the portal crossed $1 billion run rate annualized GMV post discounts in July 2016. This marked a first for an Indian fashion brand to record such a high rate of annualized average GMV.



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