Why is the number of IIT and IIM dropouts rising?

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As many as 49 students dropped out of IIMs in the 2015-16 academic years, highest being from IIM Rohtak, while 656 students left IITs, the government said. As many as 1,126 students left 16 IITs, while 55 drop outs were noticed in 13 IIMs in the 2014-15 academic sessions.


Ten students left IIM Rohtak, nine IIM Indore, eight IIM Raipur and seven IIM Kozhikode. IIM Bangalore had four such cases, IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Lucknow three each, IIM Calcutta and IIM Shillong two each, while IIM Trichy had one.


Answering a question raised in Lok Sabha, Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey, minister of state for HRD, said the government is adopting various measures to bring down the dropout rates in these prestigious institutions. “The students requiring academic support are being identified early, and they are being helped in coping with the academic stress,” he said.


While actual reasons are not known but the main reason for leaving newer IIMs can be aspirations to join better IIM next year. IIM have a relatively very high fee as compared to IIT so that might be the reason for low dropouts in IIMs ad compared to IITs.


Academic pressure could be another reason why students leave such premier institutes, opined Srikkanth Sridhar, a student at the IIM, Bangalore. “Generally, there are issues related to academics and they might not be able to cope up. In that case, the institute requests them to join again another year,” he says adding that no student from his batch has discontinued the course.
People want to somehow move to the better option, better institute. As the fee levied at these institutes is not huge, it makes it easier for students to change their minds and opt for another college. Students tend to drop out when if they don’t get a good branch. If they get architecture in IIT and computer science in NIT, they will leave IIT for NIT.




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