One Of The Biggest Life Lessons That Will Act as An Eye Opener


I learned a great success strategy from cigarette addicts.

I went around and asked as many as 70 regular smokers how they liked the ‘taste’ of a cigarette the first time they tried it. More than 64 of these participants mentioned that they hated it, felt choked, a bad burnt taste etc.

However, today, most of them can’t go a single day without smoking one.

Discipline is not very different from cigarette addiction.

Waking up at 5 am, fitting in a workout, trying to read few pages of a book – all of these habits are incredibly difficult to implement. Like cigarettes, they are bitter at first but once you push through that initial phase, discipline becomes addictive and you can’t go a single day without it.

Discipline is an addiction. It’s just hard to get addicted to


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