What is one thing that a child said to you that you never expected a child to say?

Let children be children, is a popular phrase heard in education. Yes, it is true, today’s child is tomorrow’s future, but how we choose to raise our children determines the outcome of our future. Here is a story of the boy who shocked his parents by saying something which is not expected.
One day while playing in her toy kitchen, my three-year-old daughter called me and said the dinner is ready.
Very much into the game, I was offered a plate, and with a small ladle and a vessel, I was given some food.
“What is it?” I asked.
“Roti Sabzi.” (Indian bread and vegetables)
“Can I have pasta?” I requested to make her understand how I feel when she demands such from me.
“Jo bana hai who khana pada!” ( Eat whatever has been cooked today.)
I need to choose my words wisely. I can never win with her.


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