One year MBA Vs Two year MBA


A full-time MBA program requires you to dedicate yourself totally as a student during the whole tenure of the program. This is valid for both the cases, whether it is half time or full time. Both the programs are designed for the students who want to change their career path, move aboard and start up a business. The program prepares the students to meet the corporate world and also provides the ability to face the challenges. The one-year program is more intense and dynamic than the two-year program. The two-year MBA program is meant both for theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge through placements.

The two-year MBA program

The typical format of doing an MBA is the two-year program. Students choosing this traditional format have longer access to the academic environment, networking options and interactions with students and professors. The advantage of enrollment of full-time MBA program means that students can focus more on studies without getting much distracted. Through the full time MBA program, they can have the full picture of the business from the start. The two-year MBA program is not as intense as one-year, but, it would provide much more study trips, placements, electives which ultimately, make you focus on studies only.

The one-year program

This MBA program has been first started by Europeans. This provides opportunities for quick MBA programs at prestigious schools. In fact, all European schools offer shorter MBA programs. The school claims that it is one of the world’s first that have been designed by Business leaders.  Some European schools include Cass Business School, Warwick Business School, etc. However, some American schools like, Cornell University’s Johnson School of Business, Thunderbird School of Global Management, Kellogg, Emory University’s Goizueta School, etc.

Both formats have pros and cons

The benefits of one-year format program can be easily seen. This format is for those who are in a hurry to enter the corporate world and they want it done as fast as possible! Mainly, one year program is important when you are set to return to your family business or to your current company after studies. This is so because; one-year format doesn’t provide any placements for the candidates. However, the accommodation fee, tuition fee, travelling, etc. will be half than the two-year format. Another advantage is getting a degree in faster time is a way step forward towards the labor market. Despite the academic expenses, the starting salary paid both to one-year and two-year format are same. Those choosing for the one-year program need to know that they have no time for extra-curricular activities. Moreover, it’s denser than the two-year format.

In contrast, two-year program involves attendances in classes and active participation in projects with the students. The degree and the admission expenses are same. The main difference between them is in two-year, you will have time to relax and focus outside the academic values.  Students will have more time for extra-curricular activities, as well as providing summer placements for the job too. That makes the one-year format a better choice, especially for younger ones. And the two-year format is mainly for the mature people who want to climb much faster to the busy or corporate ladder.


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