Orlando Shooting: Wife Knew About The Plans


Wife of Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter knew he was arranging a mass shooting,went to area scouting trips,she also went with him to get ammunition and never informed the authorities about it.

As per FBI sources, Noor Zahi Salman did to keep the most exceedingly awful weapon massacre in US history but also tried talking to Mateen out of it. Salman, 30, accepted she was with Mateen, 29, when he purchased his ammunition and holster. What’s more, she drove him to Pulse dance club (Orlando) and other target scenes – including Walt Disney World. As per the law recruitment and CBS, they went to Disney World more than once to study the range before Mateen selected Pulse, law requirement sources told CBS. In any case, Salman never reached powers about the approaching terror attack. NBC report says, powers are “considering” charges against Salman for not reporting Mateen’s massacre planning.Orlando Omar Mateen Wife Shooting

The FBI said she is cooperating completely with the inspection. Salman was seen interestingly after the massacre on Monday evening as she reached her flat in Fort Pierce with cops. Officers escorted her from a car to the front entryway. WSVN footage demonstrated her pulling the hood of a dark sweater over her eyes to conceal her face. Soon after collecting the things she shared with Mateen, she went back into the car with her three-year-old son.On Tuesday, her mom’s home in Rodeo, California, was covered with the window curtains. Her mom Zahi, 50, came to the way to say that the family is ‘alright’.

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She didn’t remark on Salman’s meetings with the FBI, however, included: ‘We are OK yet we would prefer not to say anything. I am looking out to hear from my girl and to know about her child. We will be OK.’ On visiting Salman’s dad-in-law, SeddiqueMateen, at his home in Port St Lucie said that he doesn’t know anything in regards to his girl in-law’s charged involvement in his child’s terrorist plot.

Law enforcement officials say, ‘I don’t think she was included.’



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