“My Parents Did Not Use To Treat My Grandmother Well”- My Story: My Biggest Secret


I lost my grandfather back in 2012 and since then my grandmother lives all alone. Though we all live together, she lives on the first floor and us on the second floor.

My parents do not treat my grandmother well. They feel as if she irritates them. Because of this my grandma never asks for any help from them. But she pampers me a lot. Whenever I have to return to my hostel after vacations she starts crying and hugging me. So the secret part is that every time I come home for vacations, I secretly keep some money in my grandma’s piggy box that she has so that she doesn’t face any trouble for her daily needs. I am from a middle-class family and an engineering student not earning yet. Whatever pocket money my parents give me I try my level best to save some part of it to give to my grandma during vacations without her knowing it. She probably thinks that her memory and her eyesight has gone weaker with age so never notices it. Though like every guy even I love to party and chill out with friends whenever I remember those teary eyes and the hug from my grandma I am able to refrain myself and save some money.

I wish my grandma lives for 100 more years


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