“I Opened up about my Transgender Thing To My Parents When I was 13”. The Story That Will Open Your Eyes

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I came out to my parents at the age of thirteen about my transgender thing. They were the most amazing coolest people ever! Luckily for me, they do not try to think of their son (me) as some kind of ‘walking genitalia’ and are not obsessed with my private parts.

They are educated open minded Indians who have actively supported the LGBTQ+ community in India. Both of them are very proud of me and have wished nothing but the best for me. They never believed in stereotyped gender roles. In fact, they have always been there when I needed someone. As someone who opted not to go on HRT or perform surgery, I was quite scared initially to enter male restrooms because I would use the stall instead of a urinal. I avoided drinking water for several years because I hated that there were no gender-neutral restrooms in public places. My dad was the first guy to admonish me for my lack of self-confidence and dragged me (literally) to a male restroom in a mall one day. Ever since then, whenever I have felt intimidated, I look up to him for courage and strength. My mother is extremely protective of me and will go to all lengths to argue with anyone who purposefully misgenders me or uses the wrong pronouns because of their transphobia. She is the lioness in the household and has taught me that it is great to be kind and compassionate but when faced with opposition, I should not be found like a bleating sheep. Everything that I am today is because of them. I wish all children of the LGBT family get supportive parents who stand by them through thick and thin. Parents, remember they are your child. They look up to you. Don’t cut their wings. Let them fly and they will make you proud. Here is a picture of me with these beautiful courageous souls:


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