Parle G is not going anywhere!  

The aroma of India’s favorite cookie/biscuit, Parle G, baked in a large factory near to Mumbai’s Vile Parle station area would make your journey worthwhile. Unfortunately, this won’t be the case anymore. The authorities have decided to close the factory permanently this week after functioning for 87 years.
The factory made biscuits, cakes, and candy bars, but as production shifted to other units across the country, the Vile Parle site has seen a drop in production capacity over the past few years. Located under a bridge at VS Khandekar Marg that divides Vile Parle into its west and east sections, the factory began producing candy in 1929 and began manufacturing biscuits 10 years later.

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According to a LocalPress report, the owners halted production in the factory a few weeks back and all 300 employees working there have now opted for voluntary retirement.parle g vile parley factory statement

 “Being born and brought up close to it, the aroma comes as a nostalgia, which takes me back to my school days when my friends and I used to go and stand at the bridge and observe trains pass by and to smell the vanilla fragrance,”

-Kavita Thakkar, resident of Vile Parle (West).
“My family and I will miss waking up to that aroma since the factory is shutting down.”

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 parle g biscuits vile parle
However, the authorities made an official announcement which might cheer up the Mumbaikars after the disheartening news of it’s shut down. The announcement said,

The factory at Vile Parle is only moving out to one of our facilities on the outskirts of Mumbai. You don’t need to stock up on Parle-G, we are not going anywhere. Apart from this, we have 100+ other factories across India that produce many of our products including Parle G, so that we can bring you fresh and in due time. We will keep your constant endeavor to bring your favourite Parle-G at your doorsteps daily.”


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