Had a passion for photography? Go ahead & make it as a career


Is that you, who is interested in photography? Enjoys snapping of pictures rather in studies. So, go ahead & make your passion as a career option. Photographers are those who express themselves through their pictures. Photographers click pictures, they either tell a story or record an event.

Though it was a not-so-good job in the early 60s, but now the masters from all professions. With the rapid growth of communication networks, fashion boom & media communications, digital photography has become the modernized version of this art form.

Photographers specialize in Photojournalism, Advertising, Fashion, Food display, Industrial photography Wildlife photography, commercial photography, Aerial photography & Scientific photography.

  • Photojournalists: Mainly work for newspapers, magazines. It provides the company with the newsworthy events.
  • Advertising: It mainly sticks in between one’s creativity & public demands. However, it provides tremendous scope for experimenting & scope for using own creative skills.
  • Food display: They work for hotels, restaurants, dairy companies, ice cream companies, etc. Either the shot has to be taken in exclusive hotels or in a studio with attached kitchen.
  • Industrial: works for industries for publications & ads regarding their machinery, overall industrial layout, etc.
  • Wildlife photography: Obviously, deals with wildlife animals & birds. Well, they need to wait for a couple of minutes in order to catch the right picture in their right mood.

How to start a career as a photographer?

As jobs are limited, Start with as a freelance photographer. You could be either a photojournalist or photoblogger.

Firstly, develop a portfolio of your work before getting clients. Once, you build that picture in the viewer’s mind, soon will able to get clients to work for. Nowadays, advertising photographers are great in demand.

What are the skills required for a good photographer?

  • Know about equipment: You need to completely know about all the types of camera. You have to almost work in all the digital cameras.
  • Software: Complete knowledge regarding editing, cropping, cutting, etc.
  • Coordination: Maintain proper coordination with the technicians, graphic designers, etc.
  • Creativity: Be creative all the time.
  • Marketing skills: You could be able to market the end products.
  • Portfolio: If bad portfolios, then no success.

How much can you make as a photographer?

A good & actually the most important question. And here, we breakdown to how much a photographer can earn?

The average salary of a photographer is Rs 3,50,000 per year. Approximately, Rs 30,000 or more per month. A wedding photographer could make up into Rs 1,00,000 to Rs Rs 3,00,000 in one year. Yes, you heard it right! It’s just in one single day. But, a fashion photographer can make Rs 50,000 to Rs 2,00,000 per project.

Photography courses in India

  1. Asian Academy of film and television
  2. National Institute of Photography, Mumbai
  3. Center for Research in Art of Film & Television (CRAFT), Delhi
  4. New York Film Academy, Greater Noida
  5. The Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation, Kolkata




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