Ramdev To Launch “Swadeshi” Jeans


Patanjali Has announced to launch Its Version Of Desi Jeans. Baba Ramdev is unstoppable in expanding his business ventures from soap, beauty products, eatables to apparels now. He said that the idea is to end the dominance of multinational corporations.

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“When we want Indians winning medals in sports, why can’t we develop the same spirit in economic pursuits and excel in businesses on our own? My fight is against foreign companies trying to take over our economy ,” the yoga teacher said.

Seeing the great demand of jeans among the Indian Youth, the company has decided to Launch Jeans, sorry “ Indianised Jeans”.

There is a huge vacuum in the market that wants quality products . Patanjali is very smartly making use of this opportunity, says Ramdev. He also reveals his plans for taking Patanjali abroad.349501776

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Patanjali Has set up Factories In Nepal and Bangladesh and is now approaching African Nations. It clarifies that the profits earned from such ventures will come directly to india. Ramdev also wishes to start units in Pakistan and Afghanistan, If possible. Ramdev expresses his wish to set up manufacturing units in Poor countries that will boost their local economies. He has no thoughts to leave the rich nations as he plans to cater to those economies via export.



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