The Key to Perfect Pizza


Pizza is the world’s most perfect food. But some of the things we love best about a good pie—charred crust, chewy dough, and oh! the toppings!—are the hardest to nail in our home kitchens.


Gone are the days of pizza crusts you pop out of a can and roll into a rectangle on a baking sheet. Here are the days of impressive homemade pizza nights.


Check out the below hacks for making a perfect pizza.


  1. Go low


As soon as you walk in the door, set up your oven. For the best browning, put a rack in the lowest position with a pizza stone if you have one. Preheat the oven; you want it as hot as it can get for a crisp crust.


  1. Use A Scale!


 The majority of problems people have with making good dough comes down to incorrectly measuring flour, and the absolute worst way to do it is with a cup measure. The best pizza recipes will call for ingredients by weight instead of by volume. It’s because flour is compressible.


  1. The Sauce


The best pizza sauce is made from good-quality canned tomatoes and — get ready — isn’t cooked. Seriously. No bubbling pots of sauce on the stove to bother with, just a colander and a blender. It’s the secret to what you’ve been doing wrong with your pizza sauce.


  1. Drizzle Olive Oil Into The Bowl The Dough Rises In


Not only will the olive oil keep the dough from sticking to the bowl while it rises, it also adds elasticity to the dough so it will be easier to roll into a ball then flatten into a pie.


  1. Work it


Get the dough ball nice and flat by pressing with your knuckles from the center out, or by rolling with a pin from the center to the edges. Keep everything well-floured, and be sure to move the dough, not your hands or pin, to get it to an even thickness.



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