Perfect vacation pictures of Divyanka and Vivek Dahiya


Indian television actor Divyanka Tripathi celebrated her post-marriage first valentine’s day with her valentine-cum-husband recently with a romantic trip to Goa.

The lovebirds have been letting their hair down in one of India’s favorite holiday destinations.

Here is hot Vivek Dahiya in a solo picture, which we are guessing, might be clicked by his gorgeous wife Divyanka.vivekdahiya

Recently, he uploaded the picture to his official Instagram account. “Woh Nazar Chupke Mujhe Dekh Rahi Ho Jaise”, captioned the actor.

And look at this beauty.vivek_dahiya

Aren’t they looking gorgeous?

Vivek smolders at the camera. Look at those intense eyes.vivek-dahiya

He captioned as “When sunset was so alluring, but the Mrs. Decides to capture me instead.”


Aww.. the hottest couple in Indian Television.


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