PETA to urge PM Narendra Modi to Ban Meat From Menus at Government Meetings.


PETA, the animal welfare group urged today with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to “ban” all meat products from menus at government meetings.

Taking the reports across the globe; recently Germany’s Environment Minister had banned meat from being served at the Government meetings and events. PETA asked Narendra Modi to move in the similar direction.

PETA (People for the Ethical treatment of animals) said that the ban of meat servings will help in reduction of Green House Gases and will also help to tackle the issues related to climate change.

To be noted, Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a vegetarian stands out the as the perfect role model of ‘compassionate, healthy and environmental friendly eating’.

PETA said that it’s the high time for the entire Indian Government to work and follow his lead with the help of government by eliminating the animal-derived products from the meals.

Germany Ministry went meat-free because meat production is one of the leading contributors to climate change, that causes people to suffer severe droughts and heatwaves.

I hope that you will agree that Indian Government should set a good example in eradicating or eliminating meat-derived products from the menus of the Government and Government-sponsored meetings and events, said Nikunj Sharma, the Lead-Policy PETA.

While there are 194 million people which are under-nourished; 60 percent of the World’s grain is used to feed farmed animals. Notably, ten kilograms of meat is required to produce only one kilogram of meat.


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