Pictures that will make you think twice about going Swimming


Swimming is a sport which not only is a physical exercise but also is helpful in getting a toned body. But before you decide to take another step for a trip in the sea or river with your friends, have a look on these weird things which you might encounter deep under the waters.


  1. The Jellyfish


The Jellyfish is known to be one of the dangerous creatures dwelling inside the sea. Its sting is so dangerous that it can kill a person within a fraction of seconds. Here we a man following a really huge Jellyfish and we doubt about his survival!


  1. Anaconda


The movie Anaconda still gives us goose bumps with a thought and imagines this person taking its photograph deep under the sea where there is no sign of rescue.


  1. Water Snake


Snakes are those reptiles which almost every human being feared. Just imagine the situation when you are merrymaking under the sea and you encounter a water snake welcoming you!


  1. The Friendly Octopus


Octopuses are one of those sea creatures which are giant enough to be looked at with a single glance. They appear to be so creepy that most humans dislike their appearance. This man seems to develop a good friendship with the creature and the creature is ready to accept the offer!


  1. The Terrifying Algae


Along with the creatures, there are many plants and sea growths that make up the flora of the sea. But these are present in such appearance that they might scare the hell out of you as like the above one!


  1. The Heaviest Thing


A terrifying existing creature living on earth is the Blue Whale. They are the heaviest creatures which can gulp you down leaving behind no single trace of your existence. The people on the boat are unaware of across what they are passing by! You’ll indeed think twice before you go for swimming.






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