Kamya Punjabi’s Short Film with Pratyusha Banerjee in It.


On Friday, the Mumbai court stayed up to release the short film ‘Hum Kuch Na Keh Naa Sakey’ on Pratyusha Banerjee (Our Balika Vadhu actress); who allegedly committed suicide last year April 1 on her Mumbai Apartment.

As per the reports, TV actress, Kamya Punjabi had announced on Monday about the release of a short film in the memory of her best friend.

Of course, known to all; Pratyusha has risen up her fame when played the titular role in Balika Vadhu.

Reportedly, Punjabi claimed that the short film was shot one and half months back prior to Pratyusha’s death; so this is the last her last short film she had worked in.

According to the reports, the short film is based on the heartbreak and depression the actress went through; which was allegedly that was the reason behind the actress’ drastic step.

Rahul Raj Singh, the actor-producer and former boyfriend of Pratyusha Banerjee; filed a complaint against Punjabi and also approached the court to stop the film’s release. Moreover, Singh, who has been accused of suicide, contended the release of the film may lead the case to be prejudged against him.

Punjabi told she has been continuously in touch with Pratyusha’s parents; who said that they are better than before as with this short film; they will be very eager to look forward to something. However, Punjabi said that she would fight for her friend’s justice.


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