What is your most private moment seen by your parents?


Parents might be our well-wishers but it is not possible for us to share everything with them. Here is one such experience of the most private moment seen by the parents.

Sorry, I had to write this anonymously (just in case). I used to visit my parents when they were alive and video them and my grandparents (mostly).

One day it was pouring, and nobody was home, I was bored, so I got out the video camera, put in on a tripod, and proceeded to take a video of myself, masturbating on their bed. No, they did not see me at that time!


Years later, they visited me, and I had not seen that video for years so I thought they would enjoy seeing the video of my family (especially my then deceased grandparents), completely forgetting that the end of about 15 minutes of footage – there I was playing with myself. I also had not watched it myself for many years.

Suddenly, there was a break in time in the video, and it went right to the scene of their bedroom with me on it. My adrenalin kicked in (big time…thank goodness I changed my mind about going to the bathroom), and my first impulse was to turn off the TV, but couldn’t find it at that second, so I blocked the TV with my body while I searched for the on/off button.

So for about maybe 5 seconds, there I was and here were the comments. My mom said, “What was that???” – my dad replied, “looks like some porno movie” – I mumbled things that didn’t make sense but finally said oh, I think I taped over a videotape that a friend gave me, and they forgot to erase something.. Sorry about that.

I have no idea if they believed me or thought about it later, because their bedding is so recognizable plus there are three needle points that my mom did in the background; don’t know how she could have missed them, but maybe she did, maybe she didn’t.


After my heart stopped pounding out of complete embarrassment, I finally took a bathroom break! Be careful with those old videos


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