What are some private things you have caught people doing?


Here is the story of a person on some private things he caught. Must read till the end.

It happened on my last trip to Europe this past November.
That particular week I was in Vienna visiting some friends, business partners, and family.

After taking a day off, I decided to drive a couple of hours to one of the many ‘Thermen’ in Austria.

For privacy reasons, I’m not going to disclose the exact name of the Therme I stayed.

Note: The image attached are not from the Therme where this happened either.

In case you don’t know what a ‘Therme’ is, it’s a natural Springs Spa.

Most Thermen have different mineral-rich thermal pools – some have whirls, some are outside and some inside a lovely building – the main ‘Therme.’

So, anyway, I minded my own business excited to enjoy the soothing thermal water at the Spa.

I went to the common area – which is separate from a co-ed naked area, the Sauna – with my books and my bag of towels and napped for a bit on one of the many lounge beds.
Then, I decided it was time for a swim.

I made my way to the biggest spring with connected inside and outside pools.

It was about 5 p.m. and already getting dark at this time of year.

With long soft strokes, I made my way outside where it was quieter and inhaled the fresh winter air.

There were quite a few people outside but mostly; all were congregated towards the entrance.

I don’t mind people around me at the Spa, but this time I felt like being a bit more secluded from everyone because I wanted to watch the night sky while clearing my head and getting over my jet lag.

I circled a water statue in the middle of the outside pool and came to the other end of the pool.

There, I suddenly started seeing the shapes of two people in a corner, actively embracing each other.

I didn’t notice it at first because of the cold air outside and the steam that was coming from the thermal water.


Suddenly, I stopped dead in my tracks.

They weren’t just embracing each other.

The sounds were now too close and too visible.

They were figuratively speaking going at it like bunnies, creating ripples of waves around them.

The worst part was that they did not even seem to care.
A couple with their two children swam up behind me.

The parents almost immediately like me saw what was going on and while I decided that the whole situation was a tad too awkward and was already turning around to swim back, I heard a male voice saying in German,
“Well excuse me. There are kids here. Could you stop it! Seriously, stop it. STOP IT! What is wrong with you people?!”
I couldn’t help it – and I know you would have done the same thing – and turned around.

My suspicions proved to be right.
The dad had swum up to the couple and with European-style directness, actively tapped the guy who was working hard to satisfy his lady on the shoulder.

The situation was so comical at this point that I couldn’t help suppress a giggle.

The mom was already pulling the two kids away, although they were laughing hard since they must have caught on at this point as well and were screaming,
“Yiekes’s” and “Gross’s.”

The guy finally started to stop in his movements.
“Damn you guys! Are you f*** bunnies or what?!”
I honestly didn’t see what happened next because I’ve had enough and was on my way out of the pool because I felt like I needed a shower.

Caught in the act. Literally.
Moral of the story?

Don’t be a bunny.



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