Priyanka Chopra to appear in KWK next episode, the teaser will surely take your Monday blues away!


Quantico actress Priyanka Chopra will be the next star to embrace the couch of KWK and we are already excited. Generally, the two actors come together in the show, but here Priyanka Chopra alone is enough to take the world down. The teaser of the episode looks like a complete bang on and Priyanka Chopra looks stunning. The former Miss World who is an international actor today seems to be opening a few things. The teaser is totally fun-filled and we can’t wait to watch the entire episode.

Right from speechless, to burst out laughing at being asked some general knowledge questions, Priyanka will bang on the episode. She even answers questions regarding her marriage too. She says, “The world will get to know when there is a ring on the finger”. Priyanka even reveals her top secrets about relations and boyfriends. The actress also confesses that she kissed one of her exes after the breakup.

It seemed that both Karan and Priyanka had an amazing time shooting together. Talking about her random dating proposals when aboard, she says, “Na jaan na pehchaan… akele…itni forward nahin hoon main”. The Rapid fire round also seems to be much fun.

Watch the teaser.

If you’re a PeeChee fan, then you are never gonna miss this episode.



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