‘Karate kid’ Priyanka Chases Down Burglar


A Delhi teen Priyanka with a black belt in martial arts turns the hero of the neighbourhood as she chased down and nabbed a burglar in the eastern side of the state on Tuesday.

Priyanka was in Pandav Nagar visiting her grandmother when she heard a neighbour shout out that robbers had struck the opposite building. She was sitting outside the house as she saw the thief jump over to their building.priyanka

“The woman said her husband had walked in four robbers in their flat, and that the locks of other homes on three floors had also been broken. When the robbers tried to escape, one of them jumped over to our building. I saw him and must have chased him for at least  100-150 meters,”  explains the brave girl. She continued to explain the rest of the incident where she grabbed the man by his neck after catching up with him and held on even when the man injured her left hand using a blade. Priyanka then handed him over to some locals, who took him to police. However, his accomplices managed to flee from site.

When most people would move back fearing to be attacked, Priyanka has shown immense courage to catch the burglar and holding onto him even after being injured.

She says, ” I remember the three floors he had burgled and told myself I would not let him escape at any cost.” She also added, “he seemed drunk . When i asked him for his name, he gave me two.”

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Priyanka belonging to Bhajanpura in Northeast Delhi lives with her mother and her father works in a Beijing-based organisation as an engineer. She aspires to join armed forces or Police. It is with this aim that she had been trained in self-defence for past 5 years. After passing out from Yamuna Vihar’s Government Girls Senior Secondary School, she is now preparing for the Central Reserve Police Force entrance exams.

My parents always encouraged me to join the force. The exam is on 26th of this month, and I am putting in all the hard work. I hope to be there,” said the brave teenager.


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