What are some problems that only boys face?


This experience has been shared by one of our readers and will surely amuse you.

Okay, this is going to be long, but worth your attention! let me share the common problem which boys face, especially by “Single guy’s/man.”

Ever tried going to a club alone or with your gang of kids? If yes! Then I guess you know what I am going to talk about!

Place- Famous Pub (i would not like to name the pub because this incident happens in almost all the posh bars/clubs)

Location- Church street (Bangalore, India)

Time- Friday! (Around 8.00 pm)

We reached the pub after facing the wrath of the Bangalore traffic! Four! Almost huge guys standing at the doorstep of one of the most happening clubs in the city.


Some thing like this!

Standing there at the mercy of the bouncer.

“How many of you?” he asked.

“Four,” we all replied in unison.

“Just the four of you?”

“Yes,” we replied gleefully.

“Sorry, stag entry not allowed,” he said with a deadpan expression.

“What? But we aren’t alone,” one of my friends protested. “We have…I mean we are…together… right guys?”

“Yes yes,” we said.

“Sorry sir, stag entry not allowed.”

“Arrey but – -” before we could finish the sentence, we were interrupted by a group of giggling girls embracing the true spirit of Friday.

A group of ‘only’ girls.

“This way please,” the bouncer was immediately courtesy personified as he showed them the way inside.

“What about them? How come they get in, but we don’t?” one of my friends protested.

We moved back an inch. Yes, we loved clubbing, but it wasn’t worth messing with his biceps.

Now the bouncers refused to speak to us, and we left to a near by restaurant in embarrassment!

And you go red, with anger or shame, depending on the mood and your nature. But the face at the counter is unrelenting, and you have to leave the place. End of story. Huh?

All most all nightclubs in Bangalore have free entry for girls (understandable)

Charge for couples, some times they too have free entry (ok, I mean I can pay up in this case)

If it’s a stag then double charge or even no-entry for lone guys. (What!)

How far is this fair? I mean, let girls go in for free, charge guys as much as a couple but let them go in!

We realized much later that the restricted stag entry applied only to boys, whether alone or in a group.

Girls, on the other hand, were allowed in either way. Because apparently, they made the club look more appealing and happening. Isn’t that hypocritical?

I feel that the concept of stag entry is not just redundant, it’s also demeaning to the core.

What if guys just want to enjoy a few drinks and some music?

What if it’s a boys’ night out?

Or maybe, a man just wants to nurse his broken heart all by himself?

My sincere advice to girls

To get in, we must beg. Like literally beg a random girl, to help us get an entry.

And mind you, we DO sound very creepy and despot in the process. Please don’t judge us.

To the club owners.

If you happen to read this, tell me club owners, what fun do you get in reducing us to this position?

Why does socializing have to remain a distant dream for the millions of single guys out there?

As if our hectic life wasn’t enough, just this little detox to come at an exorbitant price now?

In your defense, agreed, you might’ve had some bad experiences with an exclusively male group. But don’t tell me that you’ve NEVER had a bad experience with couples.

Don’t tell me that an all girls’ group has never given you a tough time.

Don’t tell me that a single guy has ALWAYS misbehaved inside a club.

To be honest, this lop-sided generalization is helping nobody, and it’s high time we do away with it.

If you’re a club owner reading this, please think about it. In the meanwhile, we’ll find solace in cafes and restaurants.


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