Public Pools-Breeding Grounds For Health Issues  



Studies suggest that public pools could be a threat to people’s health. Various factors related to swimming pools poses a threat to kids and elders as well and are considered to be a bowl of health risks.

Reports suggest that

  • 650 disease outbreak since 1978
  • 3000 to 5000 emergency visits were made related to pool chemicals in 2003 to 2012
  • 4000 deaths per year happen due to drowning, especially of children from 1 to 4

How Public Pools may threaten one’s health

Public Pool
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As summers approach people tend to access pools more often without realizing , pools will be more polluted with growing bacteria at this time of the year. Most bacteria in the pools are expected to be killed by chlorine, however, the cryptosporidium bacteria is resistant to the chemical. When disinfectant concentrations are violated, it results in bacteria growing in the water which in turn causes disease outbreaks.`

Other health conditions arise when concentrations of chemicals mixed into the water vary. The pH of the water should be neutral, 7.2 to 7.8. Water being more acidic or alkaline, can both cause trouble. Reports also prove that some chemicals and disinfectants may cause health issues like that of asthma and hay fever.

Cleanliness of public pools is highly unpredictable. Public pools are likely to receive dirt and waste and even germs that maybe passed on. Especially when kids who haven’t developed much hygiene use pools, there is a chance of urine and fecal matter getting into the pool. Even if kids are made to wear pool diapers, those may not be water tight, hence, there are chances of contamination.

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Another way in which pools cause trouble are when not enough safety measures are met risking lives. In some pool premises, life rings and shepherd rings are seen missing. Without this safety equipment, a drowning person can hardly be saved. It is also necessary to have enough deck space around a pool for better safety.

With all the given reasons, it is hard to trust public pools again. In 2013 , more than 1 of every 10 public aquatic  centers in the Us were closed down by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention especially due to the risk it holds. It becomes necessary for one to check the safety as well as the hygiene of water before using such pools to stay on a safer side.


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